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Bespoke Whirlpool / Spa baths

Background Feature: 1700 x 700mm Bath with ECO 12 Jet Whirlpool and 12 Jet air spa Jucuzzi System

Buy a Whirlpool bath

We are one of the UKs largest suppliers of indoor whirlpool / Spa systems. We have been manufacturing and selling whirlpool baths for nearly 20 years and specialise in affordable yet premium products - delivered to your address anywhere in the UK and Northern Ireland.

We can also customise almost any bath and Whirlpool system we sell, to your exact specification - call us on the number above to speak to one of our friendly staff for more information. 

It’s good to know...

* We Use Koller systems for added peace of mind.

* Should an issue arise, we have mobile engineers that will visit your property during the warranty period (excludes Northern Ireland) at no cost.  Outside of your warranty period a small fee will be charged.

* Our 12 Jet and above systems use an incredible 1.10 HP performance.

* All our pumps are eco - ranging between just 0,45 – 0,55kw and the LEDs are low energy consumption

* VAT free available for aiding disabilities.  Please call us for me details.

* Choose from an 8 jet whirlpool, 12 jet whirlpool, 12 jet whirlpool & 12 jet air spa system or 12 air spa system only.  Or why not create your own configuration.

What is a water jet system?

Our powerful whirlpool pumps suck water form the bath and circulate back into the bath via high pressure message jets.  We typically sell these as an 8 or 12 jet system, but you can add extra jets if you wish.

What is the air spa system?

We typically locate these on the base of the bath.  These are flat line and comfortable to sit on and safe to stand over.  The air spa system blows air into the bath to create a Jacuzzi bubbly experience.   Some customers have just an air spa system; however, most opt for our 24 jet whirlpool system which includes  a 12 jet water system plus the 12 air spa system, providing the ultimate experience.


We have categorised our baths as followed:
Single Ended Baths - click to view Double Ended Baths - click to view
These include the standard size 1700 x 700mm bath as well as the popular Mia, Trojan Derwent, Trojan Elite Solo and our top seller the Trojan Cascade.  Each bath come in a variety of sizes with customisable options. A perfect solution for 2 persons. The taps are placed in the middle so you can both sit back and relax. We have a wide range of size baths including the popular Decadence back to wall and Quantum Duo. The Trojan Elite Duo is a cheaper option and is very popular too.
Back to Wall Baths - click to view Corner Baths - click to view
Ideal when you want to place your bath in the middle of a wall or feature. Our Decadence 1700 x 800mm bath comes with a full range of customisable options. Our popular Trojan Laguna comes in a variety of sizes and has a range of customisable options . The Trojan Orlando comes in left or right hand corner options.

Each of our Whirlpool baths can be customised with options such as the number of jets you want, LED lighting options, modern sound systems, heating options and more.

We also sell bath panels and other accessories including taps.

If you are local. why not come and visit our Treforest showroom today, and speak to a friendly member of our staff.

A selection from a wide range of Whirlpool / Spa baths

Trojan Elite Solo 1700 x 700mm 24 Jet Whirlpool / Jacuzzi Bath Trojan Derwent 1500 x 700mm 12 Luxury Jet Whirlpool / Jacuzzi BathTrojan Laguna 1200 x 1200mm Corner 12 Luxury Jet Whirlpool /Jacuzzi Bath & LightTrojan Orlando 1500 x 1020mm RH Corner 24 Lux Jet Whirlpool/Jacuzzi Bath & Light

And if that wasn't enough... a bit more info...
Every Whirlpool Spa bath that we build is produced by our expert team of whirlpool fitters. We strive to give you the best bathing experience at the lowest possible price. We only use the most advanced whirlpool parts, sourced from Europe, which are manufactured to the highest quality.

Every one of our baths is run through a strict quality control procedure to ensure it reaches you in perfect condition and also allows us to offer a one-year guarantee on ALL our Whirlpool systems. We also endeavour to meet all your requirements when building your bath to make sure you get the bath YOU want!

We can also offer advice on all aspects of bathroom design and installation. We supply and install quality products including baths, showers, toilet systems, basins and radiators. In addition, a large range of taps, tiles and flooring options.

Want to know even more?
See how we make the baths from our Treforest, South Wales workshop

This video features Mark and Adrian, two of our Whirlpool bath experts. They are building a 24 jet whirlpool and air jet system with the optional extra 24 string LED lights system.

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